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A innovative software development agency, focused on unique, stylish and usable customer experiences across a multitude of verticals, mediums and devices. We work with early stage start-ups, to the Fortune 100, and everyone in between.


prasr (forward moving) is the software development arena where our skillful team develop and deliver projects on time, on budget and on scope. Our professionals specialize in offering clients the most effective services and strategies, including the development of creative, engaging client tailored to appeal to your target market.

We help you build the type of long-standing, loyal customer base that will send their conversion rates straight through the roof. When it’s time for you to take your business into a mind-blowing dimension of success, the professionals of “prasr” will be happy to take you there.


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Prasr helps businesses plan, define and manage your mobile ecosystem, providing inspiration and building intelligent business solutions.

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At Prasr, we build hand-crafted solutions that merge smart design,
leading-edge technology and your unique business goals into one stunning Website. Our amazing team of geniuses makes it all happen like magic.

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Web Services APIs

Prasr helps every business needs to expose data securely to reach wide range of audience which makes business open up for the world.

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OnLine Marketing

Prasr provides customized and original marketing solutions. Specialized and custom campaigns that will target your primary objectives easily and effectively.

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  • Scott Barnes

    Scott Barnes

    Fun to work with. Talented team capable on multiple platforms which is a huge enabler

  • David Rayboy

    David Rayboy

    Prasr has been excellent to work with and collaborates well on projects.

  • Peter Fillas

    Peter Fillas

    Expertise and insight on mobile platforms is synonymous with legendary.

    Client company
  • Michael Palo

    Michael Palo

    Trustworthy and expert are the two words that come to mind first about Prasr team.

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Enterprise Architect

Mohan Reddy

Marketing Executive

Mohan Reddy

Web Expert


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Address : 753 Kirts Blvd Troy MI 48084

Phone : 248-225-1239, 248-910-0791 - Email : info@prasr.com

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